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Certificate - Computer Technician

The Certificate in Computer Technician program provides the information and technical skills required for entry-level careers in the field of computer information systems. Computer technicians provide information to users on computer questions, install application software, and gather information for the purposes of computer operation and integrity. They install, configure, and manage hardware and software devices in an effort to provide an efficient running computer system. Computer technicians are also responsible for implementing system policy and procedures and troubleshooting the computer system for users and in the client and server environment.

In addition to attendance in all courses, students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments. These assignments include but are not limited to reading, exercises and problem solving, projects, research, papers, and presentations. A student can anticipate out-of-class activities that equal about two (2) hours for every one (1) hour of lecture. Upon successful completion of the program (see graduation requirements section of the catalog), students could seek or obtain entry-level employment in computer technician or computer information system related positions.

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Charter College - Anchorage - Online

Charter College - Oxnard - Online

Charter College - Pasco - Online

Charter College - Wasilla - Online

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